NYSC to Increase Allowance & Skills Program Expansion

The great aim of NYSC is to foster unity among unity and to encourage skills among the youth of Nigeria Graduates. There has been an applicable effort by the Federal Government to see that this aim is achieved. In this regard. The Minister of Youths and Sports Development, Mr. Sunday Dare has made it open that the Federal Government has thought of increasing the monthly allowance of corps members.  If the proposal is approved, the NYSC new allowance would increase.


Pending Revised Allowance for NYSC Members

During the launch of the inter-ministerial committee to celebrate the NYSC’s 50th anniversary in Abuja, Minister Dare the Minister for Youths and Sports Development announced that a proposal for revised benefits for incumbent members of the NYSC is pending approval by President Muhammadu Buhari. This increase in allowance, which has already increased from N19,000 to N33,000, is a significant step forward in ensuring the welfare of youth corps members, as it exceeds the minimum wage.

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Plan to Expand Skills Acquisition Programs:

In addition to the proposed benefit increases, NYSC is considering expanding the SAED (Skills Acquisition and Entrepreneurship Development) program to full service. The purpose of this expansion is to provide Youth League members with comprehensive training and support so that they can acquire essential skills for their future careers and make a positive contribution to the Nigerian economy.

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Recommendations for NYSC Reforms

Dare also emphasized that the committee will make recommendations on reforming and improving the overall functioning of the NYSC program, including suggestions for improving uniforms and increasing various benefits for personnel. Including. If approved, these changes could significantly improve the experience and well-being of Youth Corps members during their one year of service.

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