No training if NPC Status Showing Pending says Management

NPC Status Showing Pending – If you are still having the NPC Status Showing Pending issues, be informed that the National Population Commission (NPC) management has made it clear that candidates whose application status is still listed as “pending” won’t receive any training.


The commission claims that such applicants won’t receive training or be hired until their status is “approved”.

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The commission revealed this in response to a query from a potential ad hoc staff member about the progress of applications for the conduct of Nigeria’s population and housing census in 2023 via its verified Facebook page.

The applicant asked: “Please sir, if they did not approve you can you go to the training center or not.”

NPC response: “Good morning, no, you can’t attend the training. Only successfully screened candidates get their status approved. They update their details on the portal and are contacted for training.”


From the response above it has been made clear to us at that only successful screening candidates get their status approved, according to the NPC statement above.

Frequent Asked Questions about NPC Status Showing Pending

  1. Why my application status showing pending? Your application has been reviewed and is prepared for approval; however, due to administrative constraints, it cannot be approved until the next calendar year. This is indicated by a status of Pending Approval.
  2. How can I check my NPC Application Status? To check your NPC application status, kindly follow the link:

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