LASUSTECH Courses and Cut Off Mark 2023/2024

LASUSTECH Courses and Cut Off Mark – Lagos State University of Science and Technology (LASUSTECH), a vibrant institution dedicated to fostering innovation, knowledge, and academic excellence. As you embark on your educational journey, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with the diverse range of courses offered at LASUSTECH and their corresponding cut-off marks.

In this blog article, we present an overview of LASUSTECH’s courses and their associated cut-off marks, providing you with a comprehensive guide to chart your academic path. Let’s explore the exciting possibilities that await you!

Documents Required for Internal Screening at LASUSTECH

To ensure a smooth admission process at Lagos State University of Science and Technology (LASUSTECH), candidates need to provide the following documents for the internal screening:

A) Minimum Cut-off Mark: Candidates must score up to the minimum cut-off mark set for the current academic session by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB). This cut-off mark serves as a prerequisite for eligibility for admission. (Also Read: JAMB Cut Off Marks Approved for 2023 Admission)

B) O’Level Results: Candidates applying for admission into LASUSTECH must have a minimum of five credits in relevant subjects, including Mathematics and English, in not more than two sittings. These credits should be in line with the requirements of their chosen course of study. It is important to have the original O’Level certificate or await the release of results if they are not available during the screening exercise.

C) Original Documents: LASUSTECH polytechnic requires candidates to submit their original documents, which include the O’Level certificate and other necessary credentials. It is crucial to note that awaiting results are accepted by the institution as long as they will be made available upon request during the screening exercise.

D) Birth Certificate: Candidates must present the original copy of their birth certificate or a birth declaration. This document serves as proof of age and is a vital requirement for the post UTME screening exercise.

E) Passport Photographs: Candidates should carry recent colored passport photographs along with them. These photographs will be needed for documentation and identification purposes during the screening process.

By ensuring the availability and submission of these required documents, candidates can proceed smoothly through the internal screening process at LASUSTECH and increase their chances of securing admission into their desired course of study.

Please note that specific additional documents may be requested based on the individual circumstances and requirements of LASUSTECH. It is advisable for candidates to stay updated with the official communication from the institution regarding any changes or additional requirements for the screening exercise.

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LASUSTECH Courses and Cut-Off Marks

Take a look at the following table that showcases the various courses available at LASUSTECH and their respective cut-off marks. For a better view on mobile phones, we advise you to scroll to the right side of the screen to see other details

SNND Programme/CourseProgramme Cut-off
2Agricultural Technology170
3Architectural Technology150
4Art/Industrial Design150
5Banking & Finance180
6Building Technology150
7Business Administration200
8Chemical Engineering180
9Computer Engineering180
10Computer Science200
11Elect/Electronics Engineering180
12Estate Mgt & Valuation150
13Fisheries Technology150
14Food Technology180
15Hospitality Mgt Technology160
18Mass Communication220
19Mechanical Engineering180
20Mechatronics Engineering180
21Office Technology & Mgt160
22Science Lab Technology220
24Urban & Regional Planning150
25Agric & Bio-Environmental Engineering150
26Civil Engineering180
27Horticultural Technology150
28Quantity Surveying150
29Leisure & Tourism Technology150

Note: The table above provides the cut-off marks for the National Diploma (ND) programs at LASUSTECH. Cut-off marks are subject to change and may vary each academic year. It is essential to refer to the official LASUSTECH website or admission brochure for the most up-to-date information.

Frequent Asked Questions on LASUSTECH JAMB Cut Off Mark

What is LASUSTECH JAMB cut off mark?LASUSTECH cut off mark is 140. Any UTME candidate that scores 140 and above is eligible for LASUSTECH post UTME screening exercise.
Does LASUSTECH Accept second and third choice candidates?LASUSTECH accepts both first second and third choice candidates.
Can LASUSTECH accept me if I score 160?Yes because only candidates with 140 UTME score and above are eligible to apply for LASUSTECH post UTME
LASUSTECH is not among my choice of institution and I wish to write their post UTME am I qualified?Yes you can. LASUSTECH states that you could purchase their form even if you did not choose them during your UTME registration
If I score 170 in jamb and still use LASUSTECH as second choice can I gain admission?Only candidates that meets Lagos state university of science and technology JAMB cut off mark are eligible and YES, LASUSTECH accepts 2nd choice candidates.
How can I change my polytechnic to LASUSTECH because I passed their cut off mark?Simply purchase a change of course form from JAMB, it costs about 2,500 naira. Fill the necessary details and submit. You will be informed when your application is successful via the registered email or you can verify via JAMB CAPS.
I got all credits in my O’Level but my JAMB score is 150 and I am applying for Banking and Finance. What are my chances of gaining admission in LASUSTECH?With 150 JAMB score and all credit passes, you still stand a chance of gaining admission into LASUSTECH but your post UTME score must be high.
I am an indigene of the state, can I be considered for admission if I score below the cut off mark?The minimum cut off mark for LASUSTECH is the same for all candidates irrespective of the state of origin of the candidate.
What is the cut off mark for Electrical and Electronics Engineering and other Engineering courses?We advise that you score at least 180 and above in your JAMB so when your aggregate cut off mark is calculated, you will stand a better chance of gaining admission into LASUSTECH.
I scored 175 in jamb is there any chance of me studying any Engineering course?First you need to confirm if the Engineering course is offered in LASUSTECH. Whatever might be the answer, you are eligible to participate in the post UTME. I would advise you change your course to a less competitive one because a JAMB score of 175 cannot give you any Engineering course.
I am an indigene and I scored 160 in JAMB, can I secure admission in LASUSTECH?The answer is YES you can because you scored higher than the minimum cut off mark for LASUSTECH. However, gaining admission would also depend on the course you selected.
With 150 in my JAMB, which science course can I offer? I’m an indigene and I have my complete O’Level.It depends on the course. All science course have their various cut off marks at LASUSTECH even though the difference wouldn’t be significant. At this point, this would be determined your post UTME score.
Can someone with 150 In Jamb gain admission into LASUSTECH to study accounting?You can gain admission into the institution but definitely not to study Accounting. Accounting is a professional course hence high JAMB cut off mark. You need at least 200 and above with a good post UTME score to study Accounting in LASUSTECH.
Does LASUSTECH accept Transfer students from other Universities?Yes LASUSTECH accept transfer students so long as you meet their requirements.
What is Lagos state poly’s cut off mark for Building Technology?With a JAMB score of 180 and above you can study Building technology at LASUSTECH
What are the required documents for post UTME screening to carry along?The management of LASUSTECH has stated that you carry along with you, A pencil, Passport photograph, print out of your post UTME online registration slip and other important documents.
What is LASUSTECH courses and their cut off markThe respective courses and cut off marks for all courses offered in LASUSTECH have been listed below. Kindly refer to the table.

Embrace the LASUSTECH Experience

LASUSTECH offers a diverse range of courses, ensuring that you find your passion and unlock your potential. Whether you aspire to be an engineer, scientist, business professional, or creative artist, LASUSTECH has a program tailored to your interests. The institution’s commitment to academic excellence, state-of-the-art facilities, and experienced faculty will provide you with a nurturing learning environment.

As you embark on your journey at LASUSTECH, remember to aim high, work hard, and make the most of the opportunities available. Engage in extracurricular activities, participate in research projects, and connect with fellow students and faculty members. LASUSTECH’s vibrant campus life and supportive community will contribute to your holistic development and create lifelong memories.


LASUSTECH is your gateway to academic excellence and a fulfilling career. With an impressive array of courses and dedicated faculty, the institution strives to shape the next generation of leaders, innovators, and change-makers. Make sure to stay updated with the latest information on admission requirements and cut-off marks to plan your academic journey successfully. Embrace the LASUSTECH experience and embark on a transformational path towards a brighter future!

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