JAMB Sensitizes Education Commissioners to Conduct 2023 UTME

In preparation for the 2023 Unified Higher Education Entrance Examination (UTME), the Joint Enrollment Preparation Board (JAMB) on the 9th of January met with state boards of education regarding upcoming exams.


Professor Ishaq Oloyede, Chancellor of JAMB, also briefed the school board on the activities of the board.


Registration for UTME 2023 will open from 14th January to 14th February 2023, with direct registration scheduled from 20th February to 20th April 2023.


The Board has stated that the mock UTME will take place on 16 March 2023 and that the UTME will be held from 29 April 2023 to 12 May 2023 at approved centers across the country. A pivotal meeting held at the Marriott Hotel in Ikeja, Lagos, was used to raise awareness of the school board about the upcoming nationwide implementation of UTME 2023.


Professor Oloyede told his The Education Report that the meeting aims to raise awareness and engage education commissioners about UTME 2023 and the work of the board.


Representing the Education Commissioners at the end of the meeting, Enugu State Education Commissioner Professor Uchenna Eze said the JAMB registrar had initiated cooperation with her colleagues to her widow. Professor Eze commended the many achievements JAMB has achieved under Professor Oloyede and pledged to ensure that the areas highlighted by his colleagues on the Board are addressed statewide.


The Enugu State Board of Education has assured the board that the board will ensure schools in each state are following guidelines to ensure the smooth implementation of her UTME.

Abia State Board of Education, Sir I.C. Mark, said the registrar briefed the commissioner on the board’s readiness to implement his UTME and what is expected of the various state education departments. Sir Mark has announced that the Board has reduced the number of centers across the country. He said the number of Abia UTME centers has been reduced from 27 to 9. He assured the ministry will be involved in the implementation of UTME 2023.


Professor Abayomi Aligbabu of the Ogun State Board of Education said it was the first meeting of the school board. Professor Aligbab said the conference discussed ways to track the results of candidates from WASSCE and NECO, rather than relying on the results submitted by students, and said that action was taken to screen those who submitted falsified results. said to do.


He also revealed that the board has reduced his UTME centers in the state from 48 to 21.


Kogi State Board of Education’s Wemi Jones said the meeting helped clarify many issues and he and his colleagues were pleased with the board’s performance.


According to him, Professor Oloyede briefed the Commissioner on the challenges and threats the Commission faces in carrying out its duties and how he was involved from registration to the holding of UTME 2023. He also confirmed that the commission had cut the number of centers in the state from 17 to 16, adding that he “told registrars that they wanted to be involved with accredited centers.”


JAMB advised the candidate that once the ePIN has been paid and received, he must go to one of her authorized CBT centers to complete registration.

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