JAMB Chemistry Syllabus 2024 pdf Download

Download the full Jamb syllabus for Chemistry 2024/2025 in PDF format or access it directly on this webpage. The Jamb Chemistry Syllabus serves as the blueprint for the Chemistry questions in the upcoming 2024 Jamb exam.


Ensure you allocate sufficient time to thoroughly cover all the subjects outlined in this syllabus during your preparation.


JAMB Chemistry Syllabus 2024/2025

Below are the subjects you should focus on;

  1. Separation of Mixtures and Purification of Chemical Substances
  2. Chemical Combination
  3. Kinetic Theory of Matter and Gas Laws
  4. Atomic Structure and Bonding
  5. Air
  6. Water
  7. Solubility
  8. Environmental Pollution
  9. Acids, Bases, and Salts
  10. Oxidation and Reduction – Redox
  11. Electrolysis
  12. Energy Changes
  13. Rates of Chemical Reaction
  14. Chemical Equilibria
  15. Non-metals and Their Compounds
  16. Metals and their compounds
  17. Organic Compounds
  18. Chemistry and Industry

The Jamb Chemistry Syllabus for 2024 serves as a comprehensive guide for candidates participating in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME). It outlines the content related to the English language that will be assessed in the exam. The examination is specifically crafted to evaluate candidates’ proficiency in all aspects of the Chemistry syllabus. Therefore, it is essential for UTME candidates to possess a thorough understanding of the entire English Language subject syllabus to perform well in the examination.

Jamb Syllabus

Tips for Studying with the Syllabus

Here are some valuable tips for effectively using the Jamb Chemistry syllabus as you prepare for the UTME examination:

  1. Create a Study Plan: Given the extensive content of the Jamb Chemistry syllabus, it’s essential to break it down into manageable portions and establish a study schedule. This approach will keep you organized and ensure you make steady progress through the material.
  2. Prioritize Key Concepts: With a broad syllabus to cover, focus your attention on the most critical concepts and topics. These are typically the areas that are frequently assessed in the UTME examination.
  3. Practice with Past Exam Questions: To gain insight into the kinds of questions you can expect on the UTME examination, practice with past exam questions. You can access these questions through Jamb past question papers, which are available for purchase or download online.
  4. Don’t Hesitate to Seek Help: If you encounter challenges understanding a particular concept or topic outlined in the Jamb Chemistry syllabus, don’t hesitate to seek assistance. You can turn to a tutor, mentor, or teacher for guidance. Additionally, online resources like forums and study groups can provide valuable support and clarification.

These tips will enhance your preparation and help you make the most of the Jamb Chemistry syllabus to succeed in the UTME examination.

How Many Questions Are in JAMB Chemistry?

There is a total of 60 questions for Use of English, which is compulsory for all candidates and JAMB sets 40 questions for Chemistry

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