How to Use BVN to Check Account Details

You will know How to Use BVN to Check Account Details on this page. BVN was introduced by the Central Bank of Nigeria and all Nigerian banks in February 2014 to enhance security and deter or prevent financial theft and crime in the banking system.

Anyone who has a bank account as of 2014 will be associated with an 11-digit Bank Security Number (BVN). This action taken by CBN prevents people from stealing money or transferring it to another bank account as it is tracked using Bank Verification Number.

Now that all banks can be linked to Bank Security Number, banks running in Nigeria have made BVN easier for Nigerians to access using USSD codes, mobile banking apps, and internet banking platforms. This means that as long as you have a bank account with one of the CBN licensed banks, you can verify your Bank Security Number.

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How to use BVN to check account details

Unfortunately, it is not possible to verify your account details with Bank Verification Number. the reason being that you are not a financial institution. Only financial institutions can verify account details using Bank Verification Number, and the systems or platforms they use to perform verification are not available to everyone.

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