How to Pass JAMB Examination 2024, and Score 350 and above

  1. How to Pass Jamb 2024

Anything is possible, even scoring up to 350 and above in JAMB is possible if you will watch the video above and read through the article till the end.

How can I Past Jamb with a high score? Below is the solution you need.


Tip 1: Start Preparing Very Early

“A stitch in time saves nine” Understanding time and the season is very vital in life and in how we can succeed in everything we do. One major mistake many people do is to prepare very late for the JAMB Examination. If you are too lazy enough to start preparing for Jamb Examination when it is time for registration or after the examination date has been announced, then you have already planned to fail.

Long-term preparation is the best way and approach to Jamb Examination. Start studying now!


Tip 2: Set High Target for yourself.

“If you reach for the moon, your will hit the stars”. You will never get high scores in jamb if you have already set in mind that you just need 200. Many times students give themselves low scores even before entering the exam hall. You have to aim for very high scores, that alone will give you more courage to work harder on achieving it. Always bear in mind that you need to score at least 350 in Jamb. This mindset will keep you focused.

So what’s your target now? Share on the comment section, please.


Tip 3: Schedule Your Studies

Before you go ahead to schedule your study time, you must follow this one golden rule “MAN KNOW THYSELF”. You must understand yourself and the time you are best at studying. Some people understand concepts more when they study at night, while others are at their best during the day.

If you haven’t discovered this. Then you should take out some time today to know this. But if you have already discovered it, it will be fun if you share it in the comment section.

Now that you have discovered the best period to study, it is about time to set out the time for it. You can keep aside 3 to 5 hours from your busy time for the preparation for JAMB. This is the way forward.


Tip 4: Study with JAMB Syllabus

Now is the time to focus on your studies. But it is so paramount to know where exactly to channel your studies in preparation for the JAMB Examination. One of the first materials to really look into is the JAMB Syllabus.

You must go through the JAMB Syllabus to really know where JAMB wants you to focus based on your choice of course and department. This will guide you and help you not to waste time on doing things that doesn’t matter.

If you need the syllabus, just click the link below;



TIP 5: Attempt and Study Past Question

Yes, past question is the expo you get before you take the exam.

Study Past Questions!

Study Past Questions!

Yes! Study Past Questions!

This is one of the most important things to do when preparing for Jamb. Get all the past questions for the department you have chosen and go through everything. Don’t leave any stone unturned, yes even the hard stuff should be dealt with. Get textbooks around to help out when going through the past question. The magic trick with using past questions is to attempt the questions while you try to score your first before getting help from other study materials. You can order all past questions you need on WhatsApp by clicking the link below;




TIP 6: Follow Like Minds.

It is time to get rid of friends that are not on the same path as you right now. Friends that will distract you. I am sorry! If this may hurt, but I tell you it is only for a while. You will get back to them full-time if you like. The sad truth is that some of these friends may still mock you if you don’t do well in the Exam.

Look around your friends for those who are serious about their studies and are ready to work through your target with you. Work with friends who will not feel offended if tell them to spend study time with you.


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