How to Link Email to Jamb (Update Email on Jamb Portal)

Linking your email to the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) portal is an important step in ensuring that you receive important information and updates from JAMB. By linking your email to the portal, you will be able to receive information such as exam dates, admission status updates, and more. In this post, we’ll take you through the steps on how to link email to Jamb.

I will provide a detailed explanation of what an “email address” is, followed by instructions on creating one. Subsequently, I will elaborate on the significance of linking an email address to JAMB, and present a comprehensive guide with illustrative images to facilitate the process of linking an email address to JAMB. Additionally, I will provide answers to some commonly asked questions.

So just sit back and relax with a glass of water because there is a lot to learn from here. You should be able to resolve every challenge you have been facing as regards Updating Email on Jamb CAPS/Portal.

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What Is An Email Address?

Email for Jamb
Email for Jamb

An email address is a unique identifier that enables an individual or organization to send and receive electronic messages, files, and other digital content over the internet. It consists of two main components – the local-part, which identifies the user or mailbox, and the domain name, which identifies the email provider or service.

For example, in the email address ““, “johnsmith” is the local-part, and “” is the domain name. This means that the email address is associated with a user named John Smith, who has an email account with the Gmail service.

This email enables you to receive updates from JAMB at the appropriate time, and it also enables you to create a profile account with JAMB, which will allow you to perform various activities such as:

  • Checking your JAMB result
  • Printing your JAMB admission letter
  • Making corrections to your student data (e.g., name, date of birth, etc.)
  • And many more.

How To Create Email Address For JAMB Portal

If you want to create an email address for JAMB, it’s necessary to have internet-connected computer and mobile data. Once you have both of these resources, you can follow the steps in this guide to create your email address at no cost.

Note that a “GMAIL” account is the most preferred to other mailing platforms like YAHOO and the rest of them. So I will advice you to stick to GMAIL if you plan to use the mail for JAMB Portal Access.

See the steps below to create a Gmail account

Step 1: Open your browser either on your Mobile phone or Web Browser

chrome browser

Step 1: Visit GMAIL Signup page (Click Here) to see the screen as shown below


Step 2: Enter your credentials correctly

Step 3: Click on Next to continue to the last phase of the registration

Congratulations you have just created your GMAIL ACCOUNT and you can easily access your mail by visiting on your browser or on the mobile app.

Now let’s get down the real business of Linking/Updating email on Jamb portal/CAPS

Reasons to Link Your Email Address to JAMB

The following are reasons why you need to link your email to JAMB

  1. Access JAMB CAPS when your email is linked to JAMB
  2. Confirm successful upload of O’level results during JAMB registration
  3. Check your admission status on JAMB CAPS
  4. Accept or reject admission on JAMB CAPS portal
  5. Do JAMB correction of data (name, DOB, change of course, etc.)
  6. Pay and print JAMB admission letter
  7. Pay and print out original JAMB result

All JAMB activities can be performed through your JAMB profile online, hence, linking your email address to JAMB is essential, and the list is endless.

Requirements To Link Your Email Address To JAMB

You need the following to successfully link your email address to JAMB CAPS

There are two ways to get this done such as either Linking Email Address To JAMB Profile Through SMS or Linking Email Address To JAMB Profile At CBT Center (Recommended)

How to Link Email to JAMB Profile using SMS

Here are the steps to link your email to your JAMB profile:

  1. Using the phone number you used to get your JAMB profile code, send a text message to 55019. The message should read “email youremail youremail”. For instance, “email“. Link-Email-Address-To-Jamb-Profile-using-Sms-method
  1. Ensure that you have N50 airtime on your line, as your account will be debited with this amount.
  2. Wait for an email message from JAMB to be sent to your email account.
  3. Check your email for the message from JAMB, which will contain a unique password (such as candb26ec1).
  4. Log in to your JAMB profile by visiting and using the email and password received from JAMB.

Note that this method may not work for long as JAMB is currently experiencing issues with it.

How To Link Your Email to the JAMB Profile Using a CBT Centre

Currently, the only way to link your email address to JAMB without SMS is by visiting any JAMB accredited center closest to you. Here are the steps you should follow:

  1. Locate any JAMB accredited center that is close to you. You can find a comprehensive list of JAMB centers on their website (Click here).
  2. Make sure you have already created the email address that you want to link to your JAMB profile. You will be asked for it when you get to the center.
  3. Inform the person in charge of JAMB operations at the center that you want to link your email address to your JAMB profile. They will assist you in getting the job done.

Deadline for Linking Email to Jamb

You can link your Email address to JAMB at any time as there is currently no official deadline or closing date for the process.

Frequent Asked Questions

Can I Link my Email to Jamb in a Cyber Cafe

No, you shouldn’t visit any cybercafe to link email addresses, as they don’t the portal access to carry out the service of linking email to jamb.

What Is The Deadline To Link email Address To JAMB

At present, there is no official deadline or closing date for linking your Email address to JAMB. Thus, you have the freedom to do this at any time.

Can I link My Email to JAMB Now

Yes, you can link your email address to JAMB at any time. You can follow the steps provided on this page above.

How can I activate my JAMB caps?

In order to access your JAMB caps portal for the 2022/2023 academic year, you must link your email address to JAMB. Once you have completed this step, a password will be sent to the email address you linked with JAMB. You can use this password and email address to log in to your JAMB profile page at and view your JAMB caps. If you are unsure how to complete this process, check out the guide titled “How To Login To JAMB CAPS and Check Admission Status”.

How to know if your email has been linked to JAMB

To know if your email has been linked to JAMB, follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the JAMB official website at
  2. Click on “e-facility” from the list of services provided.
  3. Enter your email and password in the appropriate fields to log in.
  4. Once you are logged in, click on “My Profile” and select “Account Settings”.
  5. On the Account Settings page, you will see your email address displayed. If it is the correct email address that you have linked to your JAMB profile, then it has been successfully linked.

Alternatively, you can check your registration slip to see if your email is listed. If it is, then it has been linked to your JAMB profile.


Can I Link my Email to Jamb Twice

No, you cannot link your email to JAMB twice. Once you have successfully linked your email to JAMB, there is no need to link it again. If you attempt to link the same email again, you may encounter an error message. However, if you need to change the email address linked to your JAMB profile, you can visit any JAMB accredited center to do so.

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