FUOTUOKE Cut Off Mark for 2023/2024

Are you eager to understand the dynamics of university admissions in Nigeria? Look no further, as we unveil the pivotal cut-off marks for the 2023/2024 academic year at Federal University Otuoke (FUOTUOKE). These cut-off marks are the critical determinants that will dictate whether aspiring students can transform into the university’s future intellectuals!

Nestled in the picturesque town of Otuoke, amidst the serene landscapes of the Ogbia local government area in Bayelsa State, Southern Nigeria, is the renowned Federal University, Otuoke (FUOTUOKE). This prestigious institution, founded by the federal government in 2011, commenced its academic odyssey with a cohort of 282 trailblazing students. With time, FUOTUOKE has distinguished itself by proffering high-caliber undergraduate programs spanning a myriad of disciplines.

  • University: Federal University Otuoke, located in Bayelsa State, Southern Nigeria.
  • Admission Year: 2023/2024 Academic Year.
  • Cut-off Mark: 140, varying by course.
  • Eligibility: Score 140 and above in JAMB UTME; FUOTUOKE as the preferred institution.
  • Courses: Various degree courses are available in diverse disciplines.
  • Critical Component: Cut-off mark is crucial for admission consideration.
  • Origin: Established in 2011 by the federal government.
  • Academic Excellence: Offers high-standard undergraduate courses.

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FUOTUOKEUnderstanding FUOTUOKE’s Cut-Off Mark

The concept of the cut-off mark is pivotal in the admission protocols of FUOTUOKE. In essence, the cut-off mark is a determinative score in the JAMB UTME; aspirants whose scores meet or exceed this threshold are consequently deemed eligible for consideration for admission into the various available degree programs. Conversely, failure to attain this predetermined score unfortunately renders aspirants ineligible for admission.

For the academic cycle of 2023/2024, FUOTUOKE has established the cut-off mark at 140. This implies that aspirants who have elected FUOTUOKE as their institution of choice and have scored 140 or above are in the running for admission into the diverse courses provided.

FUOTUOKE Cut-Off Marks for all Courses

Faculty of Education
Business Education160 and above
Education/Chemistry160 and above
Education/History160 and above
Education/Mathematics160 and above
Education/Physics160 and above
Faculty of Engineering
Chemical Engineering160 and above
Civil Engineering160 and above
Electrical & Electronics Engineering160 and above
Mechatronic Engineering160 and above
Mechanical Engineering160 and above
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Economics and Development Studies160 and above
English and Communication Studies160 and above
History and International Studies160 and above
Sociology and Anthropology160 and above
Political Science160 and above
Faculty of Management Science
Accounting160 and above
Banking and Finance160 and above
Business Administration160 and above
Entrepreneurship160 and above
Marketing160 and above
Faculty of Science
Biochemistry160 and above
Biology160 and above
Chemistry160 and above
Computer Science and Informatics160 and above
Mathematics160 and above
Microbiology160 and above
Physics160 and above
Statistics160 and above

Insight into Specific Disciplines

Individuals aspiring for fields like English and Communication Studies, Accounting, Nursing Science, Computer Science and Informatics, Microbiology, Economics and Development Studies, and Political Science should notably have scores significantly higher, marking the competitive nature and the heightened demand for these courses. A majority of other disciplines maintain a balanced cut-off mark, reflecting the university’s commitment to fostering inclusive educational opportunities.

Why the Buzz?

The setting of cut-off marks by FUOTUOKE is a subject of immense importance and discussion amongst prospective students, as it essentially dictates the eligibility criteria for admission. It serves as a benchmark that aspirants need to surpass to secure a seat in this esteemed institution and partake in its high-standard academic offerings.

Fuotuoke Cut Off Mark for Nursing

With a cut-off mark of 240, it’s clear that the Nursing Science program at FUOTUOKE is highly competitive, and aspiring students will need to score at least 240 or above in the JAMB UTME to be eligible for admission into this program.

It’s important for prospective students interested in the Nursing Science program at FUOTUOKE to aim for a score that meets or exceeds this cut-off mark to increase their chances of securing admission into this highly sought-after program.

Federal University OTUOKE cut off mark for engineering

With a cut-off mark of 160 for engineering, it’s important for prospective engineering students to aim for a score that meets or exceeds this threshold in the JAMB UTME to be eligible for admission into engineering programs at FUOTUOKE.

Federal University OTUOKE cut off Mark for Law

With a cut-off mark of 160 for Law, it’s crucial for prospective Law students to aim for a score that meets or exceeds this threshold in the JAMB UTME to be eligible for admission into the Law program at FUOTUOKE


FUOTUOKE, with its distinguished reputation and diverse academic portfolio, continues to be a beacon of knowledge in Southern Nigeria. The cut-off marks are a fundamental element in the admission process, and adherence to these is indispensable for aspirants wishing to join the academic community of FUOTUOKE in the 2023/2024 academic year.

Successful applicants would be contacted via JAMB Website (CAPS) to accept or reject offers made to them by the University.

Stay tuned and work hard to achieve your dreams of becoming a part of FUOTUOKE’s academic legacy!

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