FRSC Past Question and Answers (Download FRSC Questions)

The FRSC past question and answers contain questions from previous recruitment exams conducted by the agency. These questions cover various areas such as English Language, Mathematics, Current Affairs, and General Knowledge. The FRSC past questions and answers are designed to help candidates understand the format of the exam and prepare them adequately for the actual exam.

Studying the FRSC past questions and answers is an effective way to boost your chances of success in the FRSC recruitment exams. By studying past questions and answers, you get a feel of what to expect in the actual exam, and you can identify areas you need to improve on. Furthermore, the past questions and answers help you understand the types of questions that are likely to be asked, the format of the questions, and the time required to answer each question.

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Free FRSC Past Question and Answers


12.The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) scheme was established in Nigeria in the year…………….?

a. 1970.

b. 1971.

c. 1973.

d. 1975.

e. 1976.

Answer is C

13.How many senator(s) represent the federal capital territory in the senate?

a. 1.

b. 2.

c. 3.

d. 4.

e. 5.

Answer is A

14.In which country is the International Court of Justice located?

a. Britain.

b. Netherlands.

c. Nigeria.

d. Norway.

e. United State of America.

Answer is B


In each of the following sentences, choose from A, B, C, D, E, one word or group of words which correctly fills the gap in each sentence.

Write your answer A, B, C, D, or E in the space provided at the left hand.

10. Alice was tired as they were__

a. So b. too c. as d. more e. better

Answer is B

11. Peter likes English___ than social studies

a. Much b. best c. better d. as e. least

Answer is C

12.You won’t catch the bus______ you run.

a. Before b. as soon as c. since d. unless e. as

Answer is D


5.If a secretary types 60 words per minute, how many minute will he take to type 330 words?

A) 11/2

B) 15/2

C) 16/3

D) 17/2

E) 19/4

Answer is A

6. If Scott can mow 2/5 of a lawn each hour, how many lawns can he mow in h hours?

A) 2h/5

B) 5h/2

C) h-2/5

D) 2/5h

E) 5/2h

Answer is A


How to Download FRSC Past Questions and Answers

To get the full document that contains all the Federal Road Safety Commission Past Questions click the download link below


Candidates are advised to study the past questions and answers thoroughly and use them to prepare for the exam. The FRSC recruitment exams are highly competitive, and candidates are expected to score high marks to be shortlisted for the next stage of the recruitment process. Hence, the need to study past questions and answers cannot be overemphasized.

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