OLUMATI ISAIAH. C is a dynamic leader who always strives for progress in his community. He was motivated him to run for an elected position in the upcoming 2023 Nigerian general elections.



His primary objective is to utilize his extensive knowledge and experience working across various fields and collaborating with individuals from diverse backgrounds to promote positive change in his constituency.



He just revealed his new book  “HUSTLE IS A TRAP”

huste is a trap by olumati Isaiah

Here is what he has to say about the book:

“I do agree that many are at the bottom of life and trapped in the HUSTLE, not for a lack of endeavor but because life happened. But for the majority, this current state of life and struggle has been a decision.

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All of the outcomes of YOUR life are a string of decisions; conscious or unconscious. It is the choice we make when we decide on procrastination over immediate action, the choice we make to take a little more nap when critical moves, should be made, the choice to overlook life changing relationships brought our way, the choice to ignore the prompting lessons life offers so graciously to us, the choice to accept limiting beliefs and make comfort which is the enemy of success our companion, the choice to accept learned helplessness, and the choice to toe the path of least resistance.

Assuredly, you can rise above the HUSTLE to become your deepest imagination, live your most treasured dreams in her varied expressions, increase your value as a person, 10x your net worth, stand out from the noise, and position for global relevance.

This ebook, Hustle is a trap, designed to guide everyone who comes in contact with it through new possibilities, a new perspective on how to navigate the rat race and grow faster, smarter, and stronger in a groaning world.

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Pre-order Hustle is A Trap

The book is available for pre-order now, before the release date, 1st May, 2023

Pre-order now at N4,000.

Send Proof of Payment on (Whatsapp): 09047780676

Pay to:
The Olumati Company

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