[e-Book] Action Your Dream by Olumati Isaiah

Action Your Dream by Olumati Isaiah – OLUMATI ISAIAH. C is an energetic and proactive leader who is committed to advancing his community. This drive propelled him to seek an elected position in the just concluded 2023 Nigerian general elections.


His key aim is to leverage his vast expertise and successful track record of working in different sectors and with people of different backgrounds to effect positive transformation in his electoral district. There is a possibility that you have been stuck with a dream for many years and it seems nothing just works.

Action Your dream By Olumati Isaiah

What Olumati Has to Say about his book;

I understand that frustration and it is for this reason this book was made.

This book, ACTION YOUR DREAM offers;
and Answers some of the pressing questions on your heart with regards to your dreams and visions, to aid you ACTION YOUR DREAM.

The grand goal is to transport you from the ground floor; the crowded space of “just dreams and dreamers” and usher you into the power space; the top floor where all great achievers are recognized and celebrated.

Now available at N1,000 only for N5,000

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The Olumati Company

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