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The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has once again presented aspiring students with a captivating novel for the 2024 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) – “The Life Changer.”

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This literary piece is more than just a mandatory read; it’s a journey into the lives of its characters and a gateway to understanding important life lessons. In this blog post, we’ll explore the significance of “The Life Changer” and guide you on how to access the PDF version for free.

The novel aligns with JAMB’s commitment to not only assess academic knowledge but also foster critical thinking and ethical reasoning among students. As such, it becomes imperative for candidates to not only read the novel for examination purposes but also to glean the valuable insights it offers.

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The Life Changer



They were waiting for Daddy. We were.

I paused outside their door.

The laughter was cheerful. It was also infectious. It began as a silent chuckle, then slowly it turned into a mirthful but stilted giggle. Now, it had finally transformed into a full fledged chortle. I stopped for a while to listen. My plan was not to eavesdrop. God forbid that I should be that kind of mother who surreptitiously listened to her children’s private conversations. But there was something about the laughter that was compelling and arresting.

Bint, my five-year-old daughter, appeared to be the narrative voice. She was telling her two sisters the story of her classroom encounter with their meddlesome Social Studies teacher the previous week. The narration was so vivid you could actually visualize what transpired. The teacher believed he knew a little bit about every subject under the sun, especially French which most of the students found strange. Bint herself was new in the school. French was an optional subject even at this level of primary school education. We however encouraged her to take the option since we believed that language acquisition at an early age came relatively easy and with minimal effort. And, in any case, French was second to English in the ranking of international languages, we reckoned.

So it was that the first question the teacher asked was, “Who can tell me how to say GoodMorning in French?”

Everybody was silent in the classroom.

“You mean none of you knows how to say Good Morning in French?”

Hesitatingly, not without trepidation, Bint raised her hand. “Yes?” he pointed at her.

Slowly, she stood up.

“What is your name?” the teacher asked. “My name is Bint.”


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