ABU Cut-Off Mark for 2023/2024 Admission

ABU Cut-Off Mark – ABU’s Diverse Faculties and Programs Ahmadu Bello University boasts a wide range of faculties and programs, ensuring that students have ample choices to pursue their academic interests. The faculties at ABU include sciences, arts, law, administration, education, environmental design, engineering, medical sciences, agricultural sciences, and more.


This diverse array of disciplines allows students to explore various fields and find their passion while receiving a well-rounded education.

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The Importance of Cut-Off Marks

Cut-off marks plays a crucial role in the university admission process as they serve as a benchmark for determining which candidates are eligible for further screening and consideration. ABU’s cut-off mark of 180 ensures that applicants demonstrate a certain level of academic competence and readiness for tertiary education. By setting this minimum requirement, ABU aims to maintain its academic standards and select candidates who have the potential to thrive within the university’s rigorous academic environment.

ABU Cut-Off Mark

The Key to Admission The ABU Zaria admission authority has established a minimum score that candidates must attain in their JAMB UTME in order to be eligible for admission. For the upcoming 2023/2024 academic session, candidates must achieve a minimum score of 180 in their JAMB UTME. The Cut Off Mark for ABU is 180. Being the First Choice Matters In addition to meeting the minimum UTME score requirement, it is imperative for candidates to select ABU as their first-choice institution during the JAMB application process. Choosing ABU as the top preference demonstrates a genuine interest in the university and increases the likelihood of securing admission. It is a crucial step that should not be overlooked by aspiring ABU students.

Post-UTME Screening Exercise Preparation

Candidates who meet the cut-off mark and have selected ABU as their first choice must now prepare for the post-UTME screening exercise. This screening serves as an additional assessment to determine the candidates’ suitability for admission. It is essential for applicants to study diligently, review relevant subjects, and familiarize themselves with the format and content of the examination. Taking advantage of past questions and answers specific to ABU’s screening can greatly enhance their preparation and improve their chances of success.


Pursuing Academic Excellence at ABU Ahmadu Bello University, with its rich history and commitment to academic excellence, provides a conducive environment for students to excel and achieve their academic aspirations. By setting a minimum cut-off mark and emphasizing the importance of ABU as the first choice, the university ensures that only qualified and dedicated students gain admission. Aspiring ABU students should take note of the requirements, prepare diligently for the post-UTME screening, and look forward to a rewarding educational journey at this esteemed institution.

For more information and updates regarding admissions, interested candidates are encouraged to visit ABU’s official website or contact the university directly. The journey to academic success at Ahmadu Bello University begins with meeting the minimum requirements and embracing the opportunities that lie ahead.

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