15 Side jobs for Students in Nigeria 2023

If you have been thinking of how to make money as a student, then this article will guide you through different skills that you can choose as Side jobs for Students to start making money for yourself even as a student or graduate.

These are some of the side jobs for Students in Nigeria to venture into to be able to improve their cash flow while on campus or even after schooling, continue reading if you are ready to tackle your financial embarrassment.

Side jobs for Students breakdown

1.  Education and Individual Guidance.

If you can teach subjects like Math, English, Biology, Literature, Physics, Chemistry, etc. Then tutorials mainly for junior students who are preparing for their WAEC, NECO, and JAMB exams can begin to organize.

Or start an afternoon class for the little ones after school to help them with their homework. Some parents are happy to pay large sums if they can reverse their child’s results.

In this way, when other parents start noticing your good work, they will like it when you teach their children too, so you can earn more than N100,000 every month. Also, you can change the academic games for your children and Get ready to earn more. This is a good and easy to start Side jobs for Students.

2. Affiliate Marketing Skills

This includes selling other people’s/company’s products or services. Receive a commission on every sale.

Nothing beats creating your own product or service. But you can also earn money just by selling what other people have created.

Amazing, right? This is where you need to be careful. Because it’s a skill you learn, not something you put yourself into.

One of the requirements for earning consistent income from affiliate marketing is knowing how to sell, especially online. The amount of money you can make from this side business in Nigeria alone is endless

3. Social Media Management/Facebook Ads

Mastering this skill well can create a lifelong source of income for you and your family.

People post Facebook ads every day. Businesses need more customers and visibility. They need better ways to reach potential customers and prospects. With Facebook Ads, you can do just that.

You can use your smartphone to learn these Facebook ads and get rewarded for your personal, organizational, and corporate brands. More rewards can as come from Helping other brands to set up professional Facebook Ads

4. Create and Edit Videos

It is a part-time job that can be easily started with a smartphone. We have the free tools and applications you need to create great videos and professionally edit them for your clients. It has been confirmed that people consume more videos than online content.

There are business owners and personal brands who don’t have time to create these videos. You can join in and help them make these videos.

5. Phone Repair and Hacks

It takes at least six months to learn how to fix a phone. You can’t start this side business without learning from an experienced person. You can learn many more tricks than can be done on a smartphone to monetize it.

Nearly all university, college, and teacher-training students use smartphones. These smartphones will eventually run into problems and require the services of experienced personnel to fix the problem. If you know how to fix a phone on campus, you’re already a big shot on campus because you’ll get bored with your daily work while Monsieur is flowing into your pocket.

6. Manufacture and Sale of Products

Do you know how to make hats, body creams, soups, bread, snacks, handbags, school bags, etc.? Why didn’t you start doing this? Or wait for me first.

If you can make some, you can sell it to other students and non-students on campus. This will greatly improve your cash flow, which can be even higher after graduation.

7. Photography

This is one skill that you can do to start making cool cash and still attend to your academics smoothly. The only thing about this skill is that things may still go wrong if you don’t learn the skill. It may take you up to 6 months to take a photography class. But I assure you that it will be worth it. Taking photographs on campus and off campus has earned many students the privilege to solve some of their financial problems without running to their parents or sponsors all the time.

8. Publish your eBook to Amazon KDP

You can make money by self-publishing Word documents or PDF documents on Amazon and Amazon will publish your content and books to millions of customers. Don’t worry Amazon will do the advertising for you.

Even if you haven’t written any single storyline before you can learn from scratch with the Amazon kdp Android phone course.

9. Mobile Beautician

If you actually love beauty, then you can be a mobile beautician. A lot of people want may want to do a make-up or make-over for parties and other events. You can brand yourself as a Mobile beautician. If you have mastered the skills of Make-up, cosmetology, and skin consultancy, then you can start this side business and earn good cash. Check out Corrector02 where get such training online.

10. Web Development and Design

You can learn how to build a website or blog and charge for the services you provide.

Markets await you on and off campus. You can go to various departments, student unions, and other organizations to offer your skills.

You can start a free web designing course with us and also stay on our lifetime coach list.

11. Blog

Blogging is a profitable business. You’ve probably heard about Linda Ikeji and how much money she makes from her website.

Making money from blogging isn’t as easy as it used to be, but with the right guidance, you can unlock blogging gold mines.

You can start a blog of any niche, and we will be glad to teach you and take you through all the steps of becoming a successful blogger for free.

12. Modeling

Modeling involves simply participating in and getting paid for photo shoots intended to promote a particular business.

Note that this industry has been heavily skewed in recent years. A lot of people have been exploited by trying to be a model.

Good time management skills will give you the challenge of working after school after completing your studies. For example, bars, car washes, etc. You can try this out if you have the physics and look.

13. Fitness trainer

Many young people want to look fit and healthy. If bodybuilding is your passion, you can continue your interest in becoming a Fitness He Instructor and Personal His Trainer while in school. You can make a lot of money with this.

For example, if 20 people need your services, you can earn ₦3,000-5,000 per gym visit and ₦100-200 per workout.

14. Become a DJ

If you love music, you can become a disc jockey. There are various music DJ applications that you can download to your laptop.

Take the time to learn how to use the application and you’re good to go. There is always a demand for DJs at school’s almost daily parties and get-togethers.

15. Baking/Pastry

Home Economics and Nutrition students can learn to bake cakes and make bread, donuts, meat/fish pies, chin chins, and popcorn.

We can also enter into the production of ice cream, yogurt, soy milk, custard powder, juice drinks, etc. You can sell these items to sell to your dorm co-workers or have them delivered to a nearby diner or supermarket.

These products can be sold at events on Saturdays and at church on Sundays.


Of course, there could be other side hustles that students can try too, but the above are the ones that are in trend. You should try one or more of them depending on your capacity. You should start by taking a course for anyone you don’t know too well. You can join our free online training.


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